Remarks by CEO Ruzibiza at GCF Green Gicumbi Project Inception Report Workshop

Good morning!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to this consultative workshop on the inception report for the Green Gicumbi project. Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be with us today.

The Green Gicumbi project aims to strengthen the climate resilience of vulnerable communities and represents an important milestone in Rwanda’s green growth and sustainable development journey.

It is the first major project financed by the Green Climate Fund in Rwanda and the single largest investment in climate adaptation in our history. With the impacts of a warming planet already affecting communities in Gicumbi and across the country, this project is essential.

In the face of climate change, Rwanda had two choices. We could either continue with business as usual and sustain heavy losses, or start to do things differently.

We chose to do things differently and the Green Gicumbi project is evidence of exactly that. Working in six sectors, the project will directly support 150,000 residents and provide wider benefits to more than 380,000 people.

It will pilot initiatives that increase climate resilience, accelerate the uptake of low carbon technologies and create green jobs. It will also unlock sustainable rural growth by increasing incomes and creating new economic opportunities.

By understanding what works and what doesn’t, successful adaptation and mitigation approaches realised in Gicumbi will be expanded across the country. This process of capturing knowledge on the successes and failures of the project will be essential to fast-track building resilience in other districts - especially those most vulnerable.

Today’s workshop is an opportunity for all the project stakeholders to provide inputs to enrich the draft inception report. There are hundreds of activities that need to be implemented and we are counting on your support to ensure the success of the Green Gicumbi project.

I encourage you to have open and frank conversations so that the final inception report is a robust and comprehensive outline of our hopes and expectations for this project. By sharing your ideas and opinions, I am confident we will produce a report that has the full ownership of all stakeholders.

To conclude, I wish to once again thank you for taking time to be with us. This project represents a new chapter in Rwanda’s efforts to increase climate resilience and we can be proud and excited to be part of it.

We look forward to working with Gicumbi District, the Wood Foundation, the GCF, our valued development partners, the private sector and civil society to ensure its success and scale up similar initiatives across the country.

Thank you for your kind attention.