Remarks by DG Coletha Ruhamya at Rwanda Green Fund 5 Year Anniversary

Remarks by Director General Coletha Ruhamya at the 5th Anniversary of the Rwanda Green Fund

Rwanda Green Fund Anniversary Event Celebrating 5 Years of Investing in a Green and Climate Resilient Rwanda

Kigali Convention Centre | 6 December 2017

Good afternoon! Mwiriwe neze!

It is my pleasure to be with you today as we mark the fifth anniversary of the Rwanda Green Fund, FONERWA.

Over the last five years, the fund has demonstrated tangible success that has shown us the potential of green and climate resilient development in Rwanda.

The fund has mobilised close to 100 million dollars for transformational investments that are not only protecting the environment, but are also creating jobs and improving the lives of Rwandans. The success of the fund to date has been the result of broad stakeholder support and political commitment to the green economy.

Having toured many of the fund’s investments, I was especially pleased to see the way that young people are being provided with opportunities to contribute to sustainable development. Whether caring for bamboo nurseries that will protect our riverbanks or being trained to safely dismantle e-waste, it is clear that the future is green for our kids.

I would like to thank the various institutions across government which have been closely associated with the establishment of the fund and which have supported its journey from day one until today. The realisation of a national fund for environment and climate change would also not have been possible without the strong collaboration of our development partners. They saw the promise of the fund, and have been with us every step of the way. I would like to express our appreciation for your continued support.

Over the last five years, we have learned many things about the best way to foster sustainable development and climate resilience. It is thanks to these lessons that we came to realise that the fund’s structure needed to change for it to realise its full potential. A new law, and an associated business plan for the fund, will guide the transition from a demand-driven fund to one that plays a more strategic role in the country’s green growth.

The institutional strengthening that comes with the revised law will help the fund to be more strategic in engaging with the private sector and civil society and will accelerate the speed of decision making. The law will also improve the fund’s ability to seize opportunities for finance mobilisation and contribute to establishing a strong identity nationally, regionally and globally for the fund.

As we forge this new path for the fund, the relationship we have developed with our development partners will be crucial to the continued success of the fund. I would like to congratulate and thank all those who have been involved in the fund over the last five years and I wish the new CEO, Hubert Ruzibiza, all the best as he takes the Rwanda Green Fund into its next phase of growth.

Finally, as we conclude on sector strategic plans and the National Strategy for Transformation, I would like to underscore the importance of the fund as an enabler of these development plans. Given the environmental and economic targets we have set ourselves, the Rwanda Green Fund must be ready to meet the demands of our fast growing economy. I am sure we are up to the challenge.

With these few remarks, I wish the Rwanda Green Fund a very happy 5th birthday!

Thank you for your kind attention.