Rwanda and Italy sign Memorandum of Understanding on climate action

The Government of Rwanda, represented by Minister Biruta, and the Italian Government, represented by the Minister of the Environment, Land and Sea, Gian Luca Galletti, signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation towards greener and more climate resilient countries. The signing took place on the sidelines of the recent 22nd Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, known as COP22, in Marrakech, Morocco. 
At the event, Minister Biruta commended the commitment of the Republic of Italy to join hands with Rwanda to tackle the shared challenge of climate change, and to build economies that give dignity to citizens while also protecting the environment. 
“I look forward to learning from the Government of Italy and sharing Rwanda’s experience in building climate resilience and adapting to a warming planet. By working together, we can ensure both nations reach our goals while also boosting ambition,” the Minister said. 
The purpose of the Memorandum of Understanding is to strengthen and coordinate efforts to combat climate change and address its adverse effects, to support mechanisms to reduce climate change vulnerability and enhance risk assessment, to promote secure, clean and efficient energy, to stimulate the transition towards a sustainable low-carbon economy and to implement adaptation actions and opportunities to protect the environment and natural resources.
Key areas of cooperation include, among others:
  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of climate data and improvement of observation facilities in order to measure climate change impact on potentially vulnerable sectors
  • Improvement of risk assessment and disaster management
  • Implementation, monitoring, reporting and communication of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), also known as climate action plans
  • Promotion of sustainable crop and livestock production practices for greater food security and greenhouse gas emissions reduction, also through the application of the climate-smart agriculture approach 
  • Promotion of sustainable forests management, including afforestation and reforestation, reduction of forest degradation and enhancement of forest carbon stocks
  • Promotion of Green cities development through pilot projects
  • Sustainable integrated water management
  • Promotion of sustainable and integrated land use
  • Promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to achieve the target established by the Republic of Rwanda
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Fund for Environment and Climate Change (Rwanda's Green Fund) 
Since 2011, Rwanda has been implementing its national Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy to respond to climate change and boost low carbon development. New partnerships with countries including Italy will help Rwanda achieve its goals. 
Read Minister Biruta’s full statement here.

Rwanda and Italy sign Memorandum of Understanding on Environment Cooperation