Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Recycling Investment Profiled at Green Drinks Kigali

The Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Recycling investment has been presented at the monthly Green Drinks Kigali event. Hosted at Kigali Impact Hub, the event shared with participants how Rwanda is keeping pace with the growth in the use of electronic devices and their disposal — waste commonly known as e-waste.

In his presentation, E-waste Programme Manager at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Olivier Mbera, spoke about Rwanda’s strategy for e-waste management and the role of the recently established recycling facility in Bugesera District.

“The e-waste facility in Bugesera is the second of its kind in Africa, and so advanced that it can recycle 7,000 tons per year. Sustainable e-waste management is a robust engine of green growth as both consumers and recyclers play their part. We are proud of what we have achieved with support from the Rwanda Green Fund,” Mr Mbera said.

With an investment of close to US $1 million (Rwf 873 million) from the Rwanda Green Fund, the project has successfully developed a strong legal, institutional and policy framework for e-waste in the country. The recycling facility is now operational and yielding positive socio-economic impacts for the country. For example, 30 people are already employed in green jobs and students have been given internships at the facility. Once 30 collection centres are established in each district across the country, more than 1,000 people will be employed through the initiative.

Precious metals such as gold, copper, and silver, along with other electronic components, are being extracted, recycled and sold to be made into other valuable items.

The achievements of the e-waste investment have not gone unnoticed. Speaking at the event, Country Representative of the Global Green Growth Institute, Innocent Kabenga, commended the investment:

“Your work towards green growth in Rwanda is plainly evident and aligns with what we are trying to achieve here. Keep up the good work. We are here to support you. The e-waste facility is the pride of Rwanda,” Innocent said.

The participants were eager to learn more about the project and held an interactive session with Mr Mbera who invited everyone to visit the facility to learn more about how they can personally contribute to e-waste management and environmental protection in Rwanda.

The Rwanda Green Fund supported e-waste investment has revolutionised how e-waste is managed in the country and will play an important role in Rwanda’s vision to become a regional technology hub. The e-waste facility is due to be officially launched later in the year. Learn more about the project here.


Green Drinks Kigali: Rwanda Green Fund E-Waste Investment