Rwanda Green Fund opens SABE Summer School Exhibition on Green City Kigali

The Rwanda Green Fund, in collaboration with the University of Rwanda, has opened the final exhibition of the summer school at the School of Architecture and Built Environment in Kigali. The exhibition was a result of a three-week Summer School on sustainable urban development with the theme “Kigali as a Sustainable City”. The Green City Kigali project was used as a case study.

The Green City Kigali Project is a sustainable urban development project initiated by the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) and supported by the German Government through the KfW Development Bank to build a green, environmentally sustainable urban development for low and middle-income residents in Kigali. The project which will be built in Kinyinya, Gasabo District and shall serve as a blueprint for sustainable urban development, while also linking affordable housing with climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

The Fund initiated a collaboration with the University of Rwanda to enhance knowledge, skills and competences in the area of sustainable urban development through joint project activities, teaching, training and capacity building.

“We are already benefiting from this collaboration. With the involvement of the school in environment and climate issues, we hope to draw attention to the way we can build sustainable cities,” said Hubert Ruzibiza, CEO of the Rwanda Green Fund.

Dorothea Groth, Head of Development Cooperation in the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, spoke on why the Green City Kigali is so important.

“We want people to live there; it should be a pilot for Rwanda and for the developing world. It should also be a pilot for Africa because we want to show that we have cities that have a good environment for people and can be environmentally friendly,” she said.

The opening of the final exhibition ceremony held at the School of Architecture and Built Environment was attended by students of the Summer School, officials from different organisations in the sector, representatives of KfW and the Germany Embassy, the Rwanda Green Fund and Green City Kigali project, among others.