Rwanda Green Fund Shares Knowledge and Experience with Burkina Faso

The Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) recently hosted a delegation from the Burkina Faso Environmental Interventions Fund to share experience in building a green and climate resilient nation. The delegation was led by Mr. Batio Bassière Nestor, Burkina Faso’s Minister of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change. 
The delegation took part in a knowledge sharing workshop and visited one of the fund’s investments - a state-of-the-art e-waste dismantling and recycling facility
The workshop was opened by Teddy Mugabo, the fund’s Head of Business Development, who said that such experience-sharing workshops are essential to promote collective climate action.
“Today, we are gathered to share some of our green growth experiences and our journey towards building a climate resilient Rwanda. I am pleased that we have this opportunity to foster south-south cooperation. Such knowledge exchanges are a priority not only for the Fund, but also the country at large. Our doors are open for learning, sharing experiences, and fighting the climate crisis,” Mugabo remarked.
The Head of Business Development also gave a presentation that included in-depth insights on the work of the fund. The presentation highlighted the organisational structure, calls for proposal protocol, and the overall framework for the fund. The interactive presentation allowed the delegation to contribute to the discussions with questions and comments. 
Augustine Kanama, the Fund’s Internal Audit Specialist who also made a presentation to the visiting delegation explained how the fund mobilizes and manages national and international funding. He also detailed the application process and eligibility criteria that applicants must follow to receive funding. 
Eric Karerangabo, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, and Florian Mugabo, Division Manager of Programs at the Fund, shared how the fund monitors and evaluates projects to ensure their long-term success as well as how Rwanda has been accredited by the international Green Climate Fund and what it means for its daily operations. 
Minister Batio Bassière Nestor and his delegation from the Burkina Faso Environment Interventions Fund concluded their stay in Rwanda by visiting the e-waste dismantling and recycling facility in Rwanda’s east where they learnt about the fund investment and its ability to process up to 10,000 tonnes of e-waste per annum. 
Speaking about the lessons learned in Rwanda, Amadou Oury Sanou, Director of Communication and Public Relations at the Environment Interventions Fund, said Rwanda is an international benchmark for environmental protection and climate change with successful initiatives that could inspire many countries on the continent. 
“The Rwanda Green Fund has successfully developed climate-related projects as well as a strong and well-supported platform through which other governmental and non-governmental institutions can share lessons and collectively lead Rwanda's climate change strategy. This work definitely inspires Burkina Faso and I encourage everyone to visit to also be inspired,” remarked Amadou Oury Sanou. 
Read more about Amadou’s impressions of Rwanda and the fund in this interview (French). 
Burkina Faso Environment Interventions Fund
The Environment Interventions Fund of Burkina Faso is a state owned fund created in 2013 and placed under the technical oversight of the Ministry of Environment and under the financial oversight of the Ministry of Finance. The fund intervenes in several sectors of the environment in Burkina Faso such as risks and disasters, forests and wildlife, management of natural resources (soil and water) and promotes sustainable practices in the productive sectors and energy. Learn more about the Fund here

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