Rwanda Green Fund team shares experience at Sustainable Development of Mining in Rwanda Launch

The Rwanda Green Fund team has attended the launch of the Sustainable Development of Mining in Rwanda (SDMR) initiative supported by fund partner, the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The fund was represented by Eric Karerangabo, Knowledge Management Specialist, who spoke to attendees about the work of the fund to promote green mining in Rwanda.

Speaking at the launch, the CEO of the Rwanda Mines, Gas and Petroleum Board, Francois Gatare, stressed the importance of incorporating green practices into the country's growing mining industry.

"I am pleased to see so many representatives from different sectors of the economy here today. By working together, we can ensure the sector is sustainable and environmentally responsible. Today is an important day for the sector and I want to thank the UK Government through the Department for International Development for their support."

The Sustainabile Development of Mining in Rwanda initiative aims to build capacity across the mining sector by addressing the skills gap and improving the information systems that support the industry.

“DFID is excited to launch the SDMR programme as a crucial step towards realising the potential of Rwanda’s mining sector. Working closely with the Rwanda Mining Board and industry partners, SDMR will help to grow a thriving and sustainable mining sector, delivering tangible benefits for the poorest in the form of better paid, better quality jobs and wider economic spillovers into surrounding mining communities. Moreover, a thriving mining sector will help to boost exports, investment and increase government revenues, supporting Rwanda’s National Strategy for Transformation," said Anna Gibson, Private Sector Adviser at DFID.

The UK Government is providing £4.5 million over the next three years for the initiative. The program aims to positively impact the livelihoods of over 40,000 Rwandans involved in the artisanal small scale mining industry, as well as benefiting the growth of the wider economy: creating more and better jobs, tackling Rwanda’s growing trade deficit by increasing exports, and helping to attract FDI.

The initiative will complement efforts underway by the Government of Rwanda and the Rwanda Green Fund to improve the sustainability of the mining sector.

Learn more about the fund's investments in sustainable mining below:

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Rwanda Green Fund attends Sustainable Development of Mining in Rwanda Launch