Rwanda at the Paris Climate Talk Update - Day 10 Recap

The delegation on Tuesday was led by DG Mukankomeje. Below are the main events and meetings attended and a short summary of the discussion and outcomes.

Waste Management Coalition Initiative at the Morocco Pavilion

DG Mukankomeje spoke on the panel about Rwanda's waste reduction efforts including banning plastic bags and Umuganda. The new Waste Management Coalition Initiative initiative aims to give value to waste through recycling, green jobs and the reuse of waste to create products that better the environment. The panel also spoke about how rubbish dumps are emitting large amounts of green house gases and that managing them better will help to mitigate climate change.

DG Mukankomeje shared Rwanda's experience and the role of the environment in building a green economy. She spoke about how important is is to bring in all stakeholders. Gareth Phillips from the African Development bank had this to say:

The new Waste Management Coalition Initiative wants 'south-south' cooperation, especially with the private sector in Rwanda to share experiences and knowledge.

Bilateral Meeting with China

China has launched the South-South Cooperation Fund on Climate Change. Alex Mulisa met with members of their delegation and talked about the potential of in-kind funding through technology transfer - mini-grids, biogas and cookstoves. If confirmed, they will bring additional funding for capacity building to support dissemination and uptake of these solutions. The meeting focused on the expansion of access to energy for rural communities. The Ministry has been requested to to write to the fund requesting for support.

Joint Meeting with with UNFCCC team and AfDB

DG Mukankomeje and Faustin Munyazikwiye met with the UNFCCC and AfDB teams to discuss preparation of the Africa Carbon Forum, which will be hosted by Rwanda from 20-22 April 2016. The forum will bring all national designated authorities under the Clean Development Mechanism along with the UNFCCC, UNEP Technology Development Unit, UNIDO and UN agencies involved in technology transfer. The World Bank and AfDB will also join. 500-600 people are expected to attend, with sessions focusing on technical matters, technology and fiance and implementation. Rwanda will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding with UNFCCC and preparations will follow.

Meeting with Global Green Growth Institute Director General

Alex met with the Director General Yvo de Boer and discussed expanding the portfolio of Rwanda's Green Fund (FONERWA). The meeting focused on the scope of the new partnership and the plan to develop a business plan for the fund, which will map out the areas of expansion. The Mr de Boer pledged his ongoing support and would like to see an ambitious business plan when he comes to Rwanda for policy level discussions.

Meeting with CEO of Beya Capital Carbon Finance

DG Mukankomeje met with the CEO of Beya Capital to see how they can leverage finance for renewable energy projects in Rwanda

AfDB Side Event on Private Sector & Renewables

Green Fund Coordinator Alex Mulisa spoke on this panel, emphasising that renewables are one of the best solutions to connect citizens to power because grid connection is very low. He said that solar based renewables, e.g. off-grid and mini-grid solutions, present a good option for boosting access to power. To achieve this, governments must create an enabling environment to attract private sector engagement. He said that with or without an agreement in Paris, Rwanda will continue to put the environment at the heart of its development and pursue its green growth strategy.

Today's Major Events - 10 December 2015

10:00-11:30: AfDB side event on climate finance readiness (Africa Pavilion, Room 1)

At this event, DG Mukankomeje will join a panel to discuss the readiness of African countries to receive funding to mitigate emissions and build climate resilience.
13:00-13:30: Bilateral Meeting with Dr Barbara Hendricks, German Minister for the Environment

DG Mukankomeje will lead the delegation to meet Minister Hendricks. This is a follow up to the meeting that was scheduled to take place in Rwanda between the Rwanda and German Ministers of Environment.
18:30-19:00: Awarding of Mobisol Rwanda

Mobisol Rwanda will receive an award as one of the six lighthouse activities selected under the ICT solutions focus area.
TBC: Meeting with United Nations Environment Programme/Technical University of Denmark

The delegation will meet with the UNEP to discuss the opportunities for the UNEP to support the implementation of Rwanda's climate action plan.
TBC: Meeting with the Climate and Development Knowledge Network

Negotiation Update

The COP21 President has welcomed all comments by groups and parties in the last night's stocktaking and requested facilitators to resume Indaba meetings immediately after stocktaking which we concluded around 23h30. In addition to Indaba meetings, the COP21 president requested ministers to start engaging on crosscutting issues including differentiation, finance and ambition. He promised to avail the next version of the text today at 12h00.
Thursday 10 December: The agreement must be concluded in order to carry out the final legal verifications and to translate it into the six official UN languages (English, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish).
Friday 11 December: Adoption of the agreement in the plenary session at 6pm.
Photos - Day 10
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Rwanda at the Paris Climate Talks - 10 December 2015


Xinhua reports that Rwanda has called for increased investment to tackle climate change.
The Rwanda Eye reports that Rwanda wants COP21 to set a strict global temperature rate.
CNN writes that the COP21 matters to Africa because it will provide solutions to issues such as food security, urbanisation and health.
EcoWatch shares seven ways that the results from the COP21 will impact our everyday lives.
The UN News Centre reports that today a draft agreement about temperature rise to 2C or less has been reached.
REMA publishes a story that Rwanda is calling for further investment in renewable energy to conserve the environment and
Watch France 24's discussion with Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission, as she talks about the crucial role the COP21 will play in Africa's future.



Rwanda calls for more investment to tackle climate change (Xinhua - 9 December 2015) -- Rwanda has called for increased investment in technology and scientific knowledge in the face of climate change. In a statement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, known as COP21 on Wednesday, Rwanda's Minister of Natural Resources, Dr Vincent Biruta noted that the world has overcome other serious challenges by applying technology and scientific knowledge. "Slowing climate change and adapting to it should be no different," Minister Biruta said while delivering the Rwanda Government statement. Read More

Rwanda wants COP21 to fix strict global temperature rate (Rwanda Eye - 9 December 2015) -- Rwanda has called for increased investment in technology and scientific knowledge to slow climate change and help nations adapt to a warming planet.The call was made during the delivery of Rwanda’s National Statement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, known as COP21.“The world has overcome other serious challenges by applying technology and scientific knowledge. Slowing climate change and adapting to it should be no different,” Minister of Natural Resources, Dr Vincent Biruta said while delivering the National Statement on behalf of the Government of Rwanda. Read More

U Rwanda rurasaba amahanga gushyira imbaraga mu ikoranabuhanga n’ingufu ziva ku masoko adakama (EnviroNews - 9 December 2015) -- U Rwanda rwahamagariye amahanga gushyira imbaraga mu ikoranabuhanga n’ubumenyi mu rwego rwo gukumira imihindagurikire y’ibihe no gufasha ibihugu kudahungabanywa n’ubwiyongere bw’ ubushyuhe ku isi. Ibi byatangajwe ubwo hatangwaga Ubutumwa u Rwanda rwageneye abitabiriye Inama y’Umuryango w’Abibumbye ku Mihindagurikire y’Ibihe ibera i Parisi, izwi nka COP21.Read More

Beijing: “Red Alert” ubuzima bwahagaze bitewe n’ihumana rikabije ry’ikirere (EnviroNews - 9 December 2015) -- Ni ubwa mbere abategetsi b’iki gihugu bakoze ibishoboka byose ngo batabare hakiri kare iki kibazo, dore ko bashyizeho ibyemezo bidasanzwe byo guhangana n’iki kibazo mu gihe cy’iminsi itatu. Aho abanyeshuri bo muri beijing bashyizwe mu kiruhuko ku gahato, inganda n’ibigo byobereza imyuka mu kirere nabyo byategetswe gufungwa cyangwa se bikagabanya iyo myuka nibura ku kigero cya 30 kw’ijana. Read More

Leta y’u Rwanda isaba abari muri COP21 guha agaciro ibyagabanya ukwiyongera k’ubushyuhe (Igihe - 9 December 2015) -- Minisitiri w’umutungo kamere mu Rwanda, Dr Vincent Biruta yasabye ibihugu byitabirie inama ya COP21 i Paris mu Bufaransa, gukanguka bigasinya amasezerano yo guhagarika ubwiyongere bw’ubushyuhe bukomeje kwiyongera ku rugero rudasanzwe no kubangamira iterambere ry’ibihugu bikennye.Minisitiri Biruta yavuze ko nyuma y’ayo masezerano ibihugu byose bikwiriye kwihutira gushyira mu bikorwa gahunda zinyuranye zifasha mu kubungabunga ibidukikije. Read More

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Why the Paris climate summit matters to Africa (CNN - 9 December 2015) -- Senior politicians from around the world have congregated in Paris this week to thrash out details of a global climate agreement at the 21st Conference of the Parties -- or COP21.African negotiators hope for a deal that commits industrialized countries to limiting their carbon emissions and preventing catastrophic global warming, and which makes resources available for those countries already on the frontline of climate change. Read More

How climate change issues may affect the macroeconomic outlook (BD Live - 9 December 2015) -- PARIS is hosting the 21st meeting of the United Nations’ Conference of the Parties (COP21), where global governments are gathered to set a binding agreement that maps out the process for global greenhouse gas emissions management from 2020 onwards. Much is at stake, from geopolitics to the costs of managing the biophysical impacts of a changing climate.Nasa has shown that 97% of climate scientists agree that global warming has very likely been caused by human activities. Yet, some members of the investment community still debate whether the continued burning of fossil fuels is safe for long-term, stable economic growth. We believe we should defer to the climate experts and assess the associated long-term risks and rewards in order to achieve an appropriate risk-adjusted return on capital. Read More

Climate change: What's at stake for African countries? - COP21 (France 24 YouTube Channel - 9 December 2015) -- FRANCE 24 brings you a special debate from the COP21 climate conference in Paris on what's at stake for the African continent in the fight against global warming. Our guests discuss the challenge of limiting carbon emissions while promoting access to renewable energies. (WatchPart 1 & Part 2)

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Re-COP - Day 10 at the Paris COP21 summit on climate change (BirdLife International - 9 December 2015) -- The Committee of Paris is first delayed, then meets only briefly at COP21 - a new draft text is trailed by COP21 President, Laurent Fabius. It is significantly shorter than the version released on Saturday we're told, down to 29 pages with 75% of the bracketed text removed. The Committee will meet back at 8pm tonight to discuss. As for the content, the text is being handed out in the plenary room, with a copy now onlinehere. (Read More)

COP21 Live Blog: Day 10 (ZME Science - 9 December 2015) -- Pacific leaders urged delegates from around 196 Parties of the UNFCCC, to have “an ambitious and legally binding agreement that will address issues that are necessary” for the survival of Pacific isla“The ocean is the heart of the Pacific. We rely on the ocean for food, livelihoods, culture, recreation and transport. Our economies are largely based on the ocean and its resources.“The ocean and climate are inextricably linked. By changing the climate you will irrevocably change the ocean and change our lives,” Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dame Meg Taylor. Read More

COP-21 Roundup: Dec. 9 – Day 10 (Carbon Pulse - 9 December 2015) -- It’s crunch time in Paris as negotiators will get a new text this afternoon that will form the basis of the last few days of the climate talks. Carbon Pulse continues to post updates from COP21 as they develop.1515 CET – FABIUS DELIVERS NEW, ‘CLEAN’ PARIS TEXT: Paris COP President Laurent Fabius flagged the delivery of his new working text, cutting the page length down to 29 pages from the previous 43. He said the amount of square bracketed points to signal disagreement were cut down by three-quarters. Read More

COP21 appears headed for climate deal. But how strong? (Al Jazeera - 9 December 2015) -- Three days and counting to the official end of negotiations and the climate talks appear to be ahead of the game.Since Saturday's release of the newly honed draft text, progress has been made. But significant challenges remain.On Tuesday Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister and president of COP21, announced he would release the latest version of the text on Wednesday.This will form the basis of the ongoing negotiations.What to expect from COP21And that's pertinent because so far Fabius has met every one of his deadlines set to expedite this usually laborious process of indecision and inaction. Read More

COP21: efforts advance on reaching climate change agreement, says top UN official (UN News Centre - 9 December 2015) -- A new stage in the development of a final agreement on climate change to limit global temperature rise to below two degrees Celsius or less has been reached today, according to the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change.“All the delegations have received the documents, they’re reading them, they will be discussing the paper in their groups, and then there will be feedback provided to a new plenary organized this evening,” said Janos Pasztor in an interview with the UN News Service on the sidelines of the United Nations climate change conference (COP21). Read More

COP21: Draft text of climate deal released to 200 nations (Belfast Telegraph - 9 December 2015) -- here are three options for holding the increase in global average temperatures - to below 2C; to hold “well below” 2C and scale up efforts to limit temperature increase to below 1.5 °C, or hold them below 1.5C.On the long term goal of decarbonising the global economy, the draft text presents two very different options – one suggests reducing emissions between 40pc-70pc by 2050, or by 70pc-95pc in the same period. It also calls for a reduction to zero emissions “by the end” or “by the middle” of the century. Read More

COP21: France to deliver revised draft of global climate pact (DW - 9 December 2015) -- A streamlined draft of a new global climate deal is due to be presented in Paris. Negotiators at the UN's COP21 talks have until the end of the week to seal a deal aimed to avert the worst consequences of climate change. Presiding over the conference, Fabius said that what would be the next step towards a final agreement should be agreed upon by 1pm Paris time (1200 UTC). The new draft was expected to be shorter than the previous one, reflecting progress made during the past few days of negotiations and leaving two days for ministers to work out the most difficult issues ahead of Friday's deadline. Read More

John Kerry pledges new support to vulnerable countries at COP21 (EcoWatch - 9 December 2015) -- This afternoon at the COP21 negotiations at Le Bourget in Paris, Sec. of State John Kerry addressed the conference. Sec. Kerry announced he would double the U.S. commitment to support efforts in nations and communities to more than $800 million.Sec. Kerry’s important announcement is another example of American leadership helping bring nations around the world together to tackle the climate crisis. Read More

COP21: 'Fireworks' expected as new climate text published (BBC - 9 December 2015) -- A critical "clean" draft text has been published at UN climate talks here in Paris after delays.This new version, 29 pages long, marks the first time the French presidency of the meeting has pulled together an outline of a deal.The new draft has significantly reduced the options on many of the key questions after days of negotiations.One observer warned that there could be "fireworks" if countries are unhappy with the compromises proposed. Read More

COP21 is giving sustainability a sporting chance (GreenBiz - 9 December 2015) -- How can sports inspire a global movement to tackle climate change? That was the focus of Monday’s Sustainable Innovation in Sports symposium in Paris, a half-day event that was part of COP21.Hopes are high for a deal that would reduce emissions in line with a global level of 2-degree Celsius, but nothing is certain as the clock ticks towards COP21's Friday finish. One thing the event demonstrated for certain: If a deal is made, the capability of sports to bring people together will play a key role in rallying public support.I was fortunate to experience the inspirational power of sports twice in the past 48 hours, in two different ways. Read More

7 ways the outcome of Paris Climate Talks will impact your day-to-day life (EcoWatch - 9 December 2015) -- You might be thinking that the UN Paris climate talks, going on now through Dec. 11 will have little bearing on your day-to-day life, but these global climate negotiations are different. The outcome of this conference—what many believe is our last best hope of achieving the binding international agreement we urgently need—will impact you personally, along with billions of people around the world. Here’s why. Read More

COP21 - Highlight on "The Global Water Project", a solar powered machine producing drinkable water (France 24 YouTube Channel - 9 December 2015) -- 5 French students have swapped their pen and paper for a solar powered machine that produces drinkable water. The group of friends came up with the idea after a devastating earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. Watch Here

GoR Environment & Natural Resources Sector News

Rwanda urges investment in new technologies and renewable energy to overcome climate change and attain prosperity (REMA website - Tuesday 8 December 2015) -- Rwanda has called for increased investment in technology and scientific knowledge to slow climate change and help nations adapt to a warming planet. The call was made during the delivery of Rwanda’s National Statement at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, known as COP21.“The world has overcome other serious challenges by applying technology and scientific knowledge. Slowing climate change and adapting to it should be no different,” Minister of Natural Resources, Dr Vincent Biruta said while delivering the National Statement on behalf of the Government of Rwanda. Read More

Rwanda's delegation at the COP21 has signed up for a Green Climate Fund passport