Rwanda's Minister of Natural Resources commends Green Fund climate resilience investments

The Minister of Natural Resources, Dr. Vincent Biruta, has visited Green Fund projects in Rwanda’s Southern Province and thanked implementation partners and beneficiaries for their impressive work to enhance environment conservation. The projects visited by the minister on the first day of his two day tour included the Rusuli Marshland Development project and the Congo Nile Ridge Foothills Integrated Environmental Management project.

Minister Biruta and Coordinator of the Green Fund, Alex Mulisa, met with project implementers, beneficiaries and local leaders. They were shown the achievements of the projects in terms of sustaining the environment and improving the lives of communities. Some of the activities under the two projects include afforestation, water resource management and soil protection.

Rusuli Marshland Development Project

The Rusuli Marshland Development Project is an eco-friendly, community-led approach that aims to balance the socio-economic and ecological functions of the marshlands. The project is building drainage-irrigation infrastructure, protecting the sub-catchment area and providing training and coaching to farmers and farmer groups. This project will protect 770 hectares against erosion including 120 hectares of protected and developed marshland and 650 hectares of protected hillside. By the end of the Rusuli project, 30 km of water channels, 13 km of access roads, 85 bridges and 4 rice drying platforms will be constructed.

Minister Biruta commended the Rusuli project team for prioritising the environment to build a climate resilience future and reminded residents that the responsibility to conserve their achievements is in their hands.

"We set up the Green Fund to finance projects like the Rusuli Marshland one and build climate resilience. Keep up the great work and continue to protect the Rusuli Marshland area even after the project ends,” Minister Biruta said.

The Rusuli project is being implemented by Welthungerhilfe.

Congo Nile Ridge Foothills Integrated Environmental Project

The Congo Nile Ridge Foothills Integrated Environmental Project was set up to enhance environmental protection measures and build climate resilience. It is also improving lives of Muhanga residents. For example, 670 young people are employed to manage nurseries and prepare seedlings for planting along Nyabarongo River to help prevent erosion and atop silt from entering the river. In addition, 293 water tanks will be installed across the project area, including 193 at public institutions such as medical centres.

Minister Biruta thanked project partners for contributing to the country’s green growth and promised his continued support.

"I am grateful to the Green Fund and Caritas Rwanda for their work on this project and to you for your enthusiasm. Thank you!" he said.

The Congo Nile project is being implemented by Muhanga District in partnership with Caritas Diocese Kabgayi.

Minister Bitura continued his visit of fund projects by touring the Karongi Integrated Green Village project and the Rehabilitation of Biodiversity & Ecosystems in Nyabarongo Watershed project. Learn more about his visit to these projects here.