Statement by Rwanda's Minister of Natural Resources at COP22 Event on Accelerating Climate Action

Statement by Minister Vincent Biruta at the High-Level Event on Accelerating Climate Action
17 November 2016 | Marrakech, Morocco
Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this afternoon’s discussion on accelerating climate action. It has been affirming to learn about the fantastic work underway across the globe to respond to climate change. 
This afternoon I address this event to thank all nations for the adoption of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which took place last month in Rwanda. 
After years of discussions and a final twenty-four straight set of negotiations, the world came together to pass the most significant global action on climate change since the Paris Agreement. 
With the adoption of the Kigali Amendment, we can avoid up to half a degree of warming by the end of the century. The amendment will also help to avoid 80 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent by 2050. This could be doubled if we put concerted efforts into energy efficiency of appliances during the transition to alternative refrigerants. The impact of the Kigali Amendment will be felt for generations to come.  
The historic Kigali Amendment was the result of all nations coming together in common purpose and in the spirit of the Montreal Protocol – collaboration and action. 
I am pleased to announce today that Rwanda intends to ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol early next year. We recognise the climate imperative of the Amendment, but also the business case and I am pleased that so many private enterprises are supportive of the Amendment. 
The Kigali Amendment is an example of what we can achieve by coming together with a focus on action. Along with others in the High Ambition Coalition, we welcome and encourage all nations to also ratify the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. 
Thank you for your kind attention.