Successful first round Green Fund applicants trained in proposal development

The team from the Green Fund has hosted a proposal development training with projects that passed the first round of evaluation. The orientation session informed participants about how to properly prepare their proposal document and budgets, monitoring and evaluation frameworks and the timeline for each next stage in the process.

The session was attended by the 13 projects that passed the first series of reviews, which included sector specialist and quality assurance assessments. Out of 160 applications for funding, the 13 proposals were selected to move to the next step in the evaluation process.

The Coordinator of the Green Fund, Alex Mulisa, welcomed and congratulated the applicants for their projects and for reaching the first stage. He outlined the review process undertaken and spoke about how the projects will continue to be assessed so that they meet the high standards of the fund, enhance climate resilience and improve the lives of Rwandans. Alex also emphasised that successful projects are those with passionate people behind them willing to work hard to receive funding.

“The Green Fund invests in projects that are best practice, innovative and transformative. We fund only the best quality projects and our local and international experts look at every aspect of the project proposals to ensure they contribute to Rwanda’s green growth strategy,” Alex said.

The Program Manager at the fund, Bright Ntare, explained the project development review process to applicants. He also presented an overview of project requirements that need to be considered.

“It's very important that when you develop a project, you consider national development factors and the objectives of the Green Fund,” Bright said. “We want to finance projects that will be there for a further ten years without additional support from the fund.”

The fund’s District Facilitator, Alain M. Doricyusa, advised applicants to begin their planning with simple questions like, ‘Why is this project needed?’ and ‘Why do I need the fund to support me?’ After doing this, they can set up a clear timeline and work hand in hand with the fund to ensure their proposals are world class.

Applicants thanked the Green Fund team for giving them the opportunity to help build a green Rwanda and learn more about the factors to consider while developing their project proposals. Once the applicants have submitted their proposals they will be reviewed by international experts in the fields of the projects.

Alex Mulisa closed the session by thanking applicants for their proposals and urged them to work hard for the success of their projects.

Application Process Timeline

Project Description Clinic – 18 March 2016
Deadline for submission – 4 April 2016
Expert Review – 8-20 April 2016
Fund Technical Committee Meeting – 28-29 April 2016
Fund Management Committee Meeting – 5 June 2016