Weekly Green Rwanda Press Review - 8 July 2016

Read a collection of news stories from the environment sector in Rwanda and from across Africa. 
  • The New Times reports that environmentalists are concerned about the use of fire wood in refugee camps. 
  • The Citizen in Tanzania reports that EAC countries have been encouraged to set up national climate change funds as Rwanda has successfully done. 
  • The Rwanda Focus writes that environmentalists have requested affordable alternatives for energy equipment.
  • KT Press reports that Rwanda expects $860M from tourism in the new Gishwati-Mukura Park.
  • Watch Rwandaful Show's video on the Africa Carbon Forum that took place last week in Kigali. 
  • The Rwanda Focus publishes a story that Rwf 900M has been set aside to conserve Nyabarongo River and its banks. 
  • View photos from today's Joint ENR Sector Forward Looking Review Meeting in Kigali on MINIRENA's Flickr account. 


Global warming: Is it time to phase out fossil fuels? (The New Times - Friday 8 July 2016) -- They are one of the world’s energy generators and many countries highly rely on them to power industries, transport and energy sectors. However, exploitation of these naturally formed resources has been said to be a major ingredient to global warming, which the world has in the past few years been grappling with. Read More
$4bn needed to save over 60m people affected by El Nino (The Rwanda Focus - Thursday 7 July 2016) -- United Nations leaders yesterday called for combined effort by all world governments and international community to prevent further human suffering for people exacerbated by persistent poverty and chronic hunger by devastating El Nino. The leaders and other partners met yesterday at the Rome headquarters. Read More
Abingingirwaga gukorerwa amaterasi ubu basigaye babyisabira (Kigali Today - Thursday 7 July 2016) -- Ni nyuma y’aho umushinga LWH wa MINAGRI ukoze amaterasi kuri hegitari 697 mu murenge wa Rambura yatanze umusaruro mu kurwanya isuri no kongera umusaruro. Impinduka yagize zikaba zituma aho atakozwe I Rambura basigaye bayisabira,nyamara atangira gukorwa benshi baringingirwaga kuyakorerwa. Read More
Investable climate projects will deliver sustainable growth in Africa - World Bank official (The New Times - Wednesday 6 July 2016) -- Last week, at the African Carbon Forum convened in Kigali, African countries committed to achieve climate change resilience and to make the Paris Agreement on climate change a reality. The carbon forum attracted more than 500 climate change experts, carbon market players, policy makers and project developers from across Africa. Read More
Rwanda creates new park, targets $860M from tourism (KT Press - Wednesday 6 July 2016) -- Rwanda has embarked on rehabilitation of Mukura-Gishwati natural reserve with the aim of conserving wildlife that is a major attraction to tourists increasingly visiting the country. Government is also expected in the next few months to pass the bill into law that will upgrade the natural reserve into a full National park. Read More
Rwanda could be Africa’s cleanest country thanks to ‘Umuganda’ (Good Things - Tuesday 5 July 2016) -- Citizens below the age of 65 participate in community service which is a way of bringing people together, and caring for the environment Three months ago, This is Africa discovered this most curious Rwandan practice called “Umuganda”, which loosely translates as “working together”. According to Rwandapedia, “Close to 80 percent of Rwandans take part in monthly community work.” While the city council is largely responsible for the clean Kigali streets. Read More
Environmentalists request affordable energy alternative technologies (The Rwanda Focus - Tuesday 5 July 2016) -- Environmentalists and concerned residents have finally come out on the shortage of affordable energy alternatives. They have requested for joint mechanisms to ensure that energy saving and alternative technologies become affordable for the vulnerable groups. Read More
What Rwanda can learn from Japan's waste-to-energy initiative (The New Times - Tuesday 5 July 2016) -- The government set an ambitious target of increasing power generation to 563MW by 2018 to be able to connect over 70 per cent of the households to electricity. Rwanda’s current installed power generation capacity is about 190MW. So, how can government fast-track the realisation of this objective? Read More
Rwf 900M granted to protect rivers flowing into Nyabarongo River (The Rwanda Focus - 4 July 2016) -- Nyamagabe District in conjunction with Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) has launched a project to protect and restore rivers that flow into Nyabarongo River. This has been done so that its water becomes clear as it had been pledged before. Read More
REG wins East Africa's most Impactful Energy Development Cooperation of the Year Award (The New Times - Sunday 3 July 2016) -- Rwanda Energy Group has won this year’s East Africa’s most Impactful Energy Development Cooperation of the year award which is organized by African Leadership Magazine. The award was given to Rwanda’s ambassador to United Kingdom Yamina Karitanyi during the Africa Energy Awards that were held in on 24th June 2016 at the le Meridian Piccadilly London in United Kingdom. Read More
Environmentalists deeply concerned with firewood consumption in refugee camps (The New Times - Sunday 3 July 2016)-- Environmental activists have expressed concern over reliance on firewood for cooking or heating in refugee camps. The issue, they contended, poses risk to both the environment and people’s health. The United Nations Environment Programme’s ‘Action on Air Quality’ report launched during the second session of the United Nations. Read More
Africa needs over $3 trillion to mitigate climate change (The New Times - Friday 1 July 2016) -- African countries need at least $2.7 trillion for mitigation measures and another $488 billion for adaptation to climatic change to be met in 2030, according to the estimates from Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for adaptation to climate change. Read More
Africa Goes Green (Rwandaful Show YouTube Channel - Tuesday 5 July 2016) -- Rwandaful Show covers the Africa Carbon Forum that took place last week in Kigali, Rwanda. Watch Video 
Secretary Kerry's statement on Rwanda National Day (United States Embassy website - Friday 1 July 2016) -- Rwanda has made laudable efforts to protect its forests and endangered species, and to advance the fight against climate change. Its commitment toward finding innovative solutions to produce clean energy such as solar and hydro-power has opened up key opportunities for investment and development. Read More
Across Africa
Wanted: EAC climate change funds (The Citizen - Thursday 7 July 2016) -- "Only Rwanda has established a nation climate change fund. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are yet to establish such vital funds," says KAS project manager Stefanie Brinkei who has summarised a report compiled by KAS experts. According to the KAS report, Rwanda has a climate change fund worth of $100 million (Sh219 billion), but other EAC nations are just planning to spend one per cent of their respective budgets to set climate change funds. Read More 
Mind the gap: Financing Africa’s energy boom (Climate Home - Tuesday 5 July 2016) -- Lungelwa Tyali, entrepreneur behind the PowerTurtle model, has sold about 130 of these devices and would like to scale up. There is no shortage of demand, in a country where 4 million people have no electricity connection, she tells Climate Home. Across the continent, two thirds of Africans are off grid. Read More
From Around The World
Ozone Hole Shows Signs of Shrinking, Scientists Say (The New York Times - Thursday 30 June 2016) -- Nearly three decades after the world banned chemicals that were destroying the atmosphere’s protective ozone layer, scientists said Thursday that there were signs the atmosphere was on the mend. The researchers said they had found “fingerprints” indicating that the seasonal ozone hole over Antarctica, a cause of concern since it was discovered in 1984, was getting smaller. Read More 
Government of Rwanda Environment & Natural Resources Sector
Photos: ENR Sector Joint Forward Looking Review (MINIRENA Flickr - Friday 8 July 2016) -- On 8 July 2016, the Ministry of Natural Resources hosted the 2016/17 Environment and Natural Resources Sector Forward Looking Joint Sector Review. The meeting took place at Lemigo Hotel and was co-chaired by PS Mukarubibi and UN Resident Coordinator Lamin Manneh. View Photos 
Water For Growth Participates In Rubavu JADF Open Day (Water for Growth Website - 28 June 2016) -- As one of the key partners of Rubavu district, Water for Growth Rwanda platform participated in a two-day Joint Action Development Forum (JADF) open day. The event which took place in Rubavu district attracted over 50 exhibitors who showcased their work as partners to the district. Read More 
Bugesera communities get skills on environment protection, cooperative management (LVEMP 2 Project Website - Saturday 25 June 2016) -- Over 150 individuals have concluded a two-day training on environment protection and cooperative group management, skills they say will further contribute to boosting their attitudes and actions towards environment and improving their living conditions. Participants in the two-day training, which ended on 24 June 2016, were drawn from five Community-Driven Development Sub-projects (CDDs) groups in Bugesera District. Read More