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                                                 FUND FOR ENVIRONMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE (FONERWA)









Subject: Recruitment of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

Ministry of Natural Resources has received funds from GoR to support  one of the EDPRS 2 priorities” Pursuing green economy approach ” under the Economic Transformation thematic area that is environmentally sustainable and climate resilient which will be implemented with the support of the cross-sectoral Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy (GGCRS) through FONERWA.

The fund for environment and climate change, FONERWA, was identified as the sustainable financing facility to ensure successful implementation of the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy (GGCRS) for the fund’s mission is to mobilize and manage resources for achieving environmental sustainability, climate resilience and green growth in order to promote Rwanda’s short, medium and long-term sustainable development goals; to fund projects and programmes by public and private sector as well as other development support organizations that produce results contributing to these objectives.

The fund is in the process of recruiting a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist to support design and implementation of project under its support.

Responsibilities and attributions

  • Assessing and improving/strengthening the current FONERWA M&E system/tools, its implementation and linkage to other sectors and EDPRS 2 both from the fund level to the FONERWA supported projects, including data collection mechanisms/methods, data quality assessment, management and reporting.
  •  Supporting the design of appropriate statistical based Management information system/electronic M&E, to harmonize data generated from the FONERWA supported projects and other FONERWA stakeholders for accurate and quality reporting and documentation.
  • Ensuring data and information integrity through overall data management including data entries and verification.
  • Ensure regular transmission of distribution data from FONERWA database, and provide data to other staff and stakeholders.
  • Identifying new innovations in M&E including online applications (use of ICT in Monitoring and Evaluation) as well as other GIS-based data collection and management tools.
  • Providing technical assistance in selecting, constructing data collection instruments, data analysis, data recording and on knowledge management
  • Provide technical assistance through analysis and inputs to FMT, FTC and FMC and contribute to capacity building to FMT staff members.
  • Report findings to the multiple funders and concerned parties, as required; ensure that appropriate actions have been taken in monitoring and follow up on implementation and continuous improvement of projects.
  •  Provide support and overall guidance to both internal and external evaluations for the fund and FONERWA supported projects.
  • Under the supervision of the Programme Manager, provide support to reporting (monthly, quarterly, annual, mid-term and final evaluations) on both the fund and the FONERWA supported projects.
  • Reviewing monitoring reports to assess interim impacts and identify causes of potential bottlenecks in implementation.
  • Collaborating with implementing partners and primary stakeholders to develop feasible and effective discussion events where M&E data are analyzed and corrective are agreed upon.
  • Undertaking and facilitating others to implement the M&E plan, regularly revising and updating performance questions, indicators, methods, formats and analytical processes.
  • Support through planning and execution of baselines, Mid-term reviews and final evaluations for the projects and the fund.
  • Support overall knowledge management areas of the fund including advisory on data based communication packages for the fund.


  • A master's degree in developmental studies, Environmental sciences, natural resources, Research and statistics, project management, or any other related field


  • A minimum of 8 years of relevant professional experience in the areas of M&E of Environment and Climate change projects.
  • Experience in designing results/M&E frameworks for Environment and Climate Change programmes/projects
  • Possesses a broad knowledge and understanding of data collection methods, analysis, interpretation and reporting with good communication skills.
  • Track record in strategic planning, program management including appraisal, designs, M&E and having led (or participated in) working with FONERWA.
  • Demonstrated formal training in the area of monitoring and evaluation;
  • Demonstrated experience of M&E system design and implementation with responsibility for organizational/programme learning;
  • Track record of experience of M&E capacity development of partner organization


Excellent English-language report writing and communication skills.

Experience in designing Results/M&E framework

Analytical skills, result oriented, computer skills, team building skills, planning skills, negotiation skills ability to work independently in a diverse, highly challenging environment is essential.

Added advantage:

Advanced knowledge of MS Access and the SPSS statistical program. Familiarity with quantitative and qualitative survey techniques. Experience in the design and implementation Environment and Climate Change programmes; Experience of working on M&E programmes and in project management; Experience in conducting statistical analysis ; Experience in working with International NGOs,  and Government Institutions.

Application procedure

To apply, please submit your expression of interest and all relevant documents such as; your updated Curriculum Vitae (CVs), copies of academic certificates, previous work done/references related to this assignment through . The proposal should also include a section on financial proposal of the monthly fee rate to perform the noted services. Please note that applications will only be accepted if they have been submitted through the web by established deadline of 26th August 2016.

For more information, you may visit FONERWA website on and for more enquiries please contact us on or telephone (+250) 252580769.

Detailed Terms of Reference can be accessed/downloadable from FONERWA website:

Done at Kigali on 2nd August 2016.



Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA)

Deadline for submission: 
Friday, August 26, 2016 - 00:00