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Component Four

Knowledge transfer and mainstreaming

Vision 2050 pivots Rwanda’s long-term development on transformation of the entire economy and society to enhanced human capabilities, strong innovation, and technological capacity.

The Environment Sector priority challenges to achieving sector objectives in the 2018-2024 period include: weak human technical capacity including monitoring and evaluation and integrated management and information systems. Cross sectoral coordination that effectively supports mainstreaming was cited as a crucial area to address in implementing the environment sector priorities.

The ENR strategic plan recommends capacity development strengthening through investment in data and information management systems and training in accurate data and information with potential for integration into the ENR results-based management (RBM) system to support SSP M&E. The linkage with RBM that is overseen by Ministry of Environment is critical considering that the project is implemented by Ministry as the accredited entity.

To respond to these national priority issues, capacity building, knowledge management and transfer and mainstreaming was designed and is under execution in support of integrated delivery on the other three components. .

Current progress and key achievements


Local authorities and community representatives trained on project objectives and goals, climate change causes, effects and mitigation measures


Awareness raising sessions conducted.


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