• Challenges

1. Changes in action plan : establishment of terrace was requested by National Steering Committee on Border issues

2. Outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic that affected project works:
This has led to the slow down of most activities in the field as well as limiting adherence to routine supervision as project staff are not permitted free movement;
Delayed activities and also the procurement plan implementation where the tender committee was not able to meet and evaluate the launched tenders;
Negotiating the contracts also delayed as the tender committee as unable to meet as well as the successful bidder;
In addition, project implementation has been under extreme pressure to expedite procurement as part of the catch up plan for the earlier project implementation delays.

Way Forward

1. Early planning. We have started planning MoU with partners institutions and tenders for the next FY20-21,

2. Launching planned. Planned tenders for the next financial year will be all launched in the first quarter and by second quarter all contracts will be signed to allow their execution get completed and paid within that financial year;

3. Disbursement Plan by Components

4. Staff Performance Contract

5. Team Work among all concerned parties