Rural development

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MEIS is Back

Hello test 

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Green growth is of great value

My points

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Agriculture 2.0: how the Internet of Things can revolutionize the farming sector

This is where agriculture can get a little help from the Internet of Things (IoT)—or internet-enabled communications between everyday objects. Through the IoT, sensors can be deployed wherever you want–on the ground, in water, or in vehicles–to collect data on target inputs such as soil moisture and crop health.

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Together We’re Cutting Climate and Disaster Risks

It’s a simple fact that as we continue to pump record levels of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere we are ramping up disaster risk around the globe now and for generations to come.

It goes with the sobering reality of warming and rising seas and widespread changes in the Earth’s systems that are influencing storms, winds and rainfall.

The toll this takes on human life, economies and government expenditures will be high on the agenda when world leaders gather in Mexico for the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in late May.

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New solutions platform puts African innovation on the world map

The new Global Opportunity Explorer exhibits hundreds of cutting-edge solutions for reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and a good share of them arise from the African continent. Now you can help expand the pool of African innovations on the platform by contributing solutions.

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