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Current Overview of Renewable Energy Resources in Rwanda

This paper reviews the energy sector in Rwanda with an accent on Renewable Energy. In Rwanda, energy sector plays a vital role in supporting socio-economic evolution and has a close connection to the growth of other economic sectors.
The country has both renewable and non-renewable energy sources. Energy policies of the country give special attention to the use of modern, clean and energy efficient technologies. Most of Electricity in Rwanda comes from renewable sources:
The total currently installed electricity capacity is 160 MW (March 2015), of which approximately more than 60% comes from hydrological resources along with other indigenous sources and less than 40% comes from diesel-powered generators. The current on-grid access to electricity is estimated at 23% of households and off-grid is 1.5%.
Rwanda has envisaged increasing electric power supply by maximizing use of various indigenous energy resources and reach its ambitious target of 563 MW (domestic generation + imports) with electricity access of 70%(on-grid and off-grid) by the end of 2018. However, several challenges laying behind the development in the electric energy sector and utilization of renewable energy resources

Jean de Dieu Uwisengeyimana


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