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Gako integrated beef project

Early 2015, the government of Rwanda introduced a flagship project to increase quality meat production for local and export markets. This project co-managed by the Ministry of Defence together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, is located in Gako Military reserve and a part of the military reserve  stretching on 600ha of land, will be given to various investors and farmers who are committed to breed high meat production cattle.

The project has started with several infrastructure, mainly Feeder roads, water tanks to provide drinking water to the animals, and farm boundaries and electricity supply, as well as other infrastructure that go with new technology in Breading system 

On 26, February, 2016 when the Minister of Agriculture and Animals Resources Dr Gerardine Mukeshimana, together with Minister of Local government Francis Kaboneka, Visited Gako Farms , they toured the part dedicated to the beef project and had open discussion with farmers who used to have different farm activities in that area.

Minister Kaboneka told the Farmers to welcome the project as it is a big investment that intends to give job opportunities to many of them. He urged the local government to coordinate and stand for farmer interest and organization in the project.

According to  Minister Mukeshimana, farmers in that area should breed high productive cows to satisfy the slaughtering factory demand. “The slaughter house will have the capacity of meat processing of 20 cows per hour and all I hope is that more than a half will be from your farms,” Minister Gerardine told farmers.   

The Gako integrated beef project kicked off operations in October 2015. The project also includes a slaughterhouse worth more than 300 million Rwandan francs with a target to supply and satisfy both local and international market with quality meat.
Gako beef is a Governement of Rwanda flagship project to increase quality meat production for local and export markets. 

There are various enterprises in Gako beef project including feeds, beef, goats and lambs breeding and fattening as well as the meat processing. 

Gako integrated beef project, which is on 4500 hectares of land, will cost more than 3.4 billion Rwandan francs.  


EDPRS2 Sector: 
Project Status: 
Start date: 
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
End date: 
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Grant Financier : 


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