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Inauguration of Nkombo and Litiro water supply systems in Rusizi District 12th July 2017

Hon. Minister of State Kamayiresi Germaine inaugurating Nkombo Water supply system with Rusizi District Mayor, WASAC CEO & Nkombo resident
Areas with low access to clean water are prone to waterborne diseases such as Cholera. In Rwanda, the vilest Cholera outbreaks occurred in areas surrounding the Lake Kivu. It is within the Economic Development Poverty Reduction Strategies (EDPRS II) and Vision 2020 targets to ensure such outbreaks do not occur by increasing access to clean water.
In the framework of achieving the aforementioned targets in Rwandan communities, Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) together with Rusizi District completed two Water Supply Systems: Nkombo and Giheke- Gihundwe- Kamembe- Nkanka respectively under financial support from LODA and WASAC Ltd.


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