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Returning the Sparkle to Addis Ababa's Rivers

Do you know that around seven large and up to 76 medium and small rivers flow year long in Addis Ababa?

However, this water bodies that could add a lot to the city's tourism potentials received little or no attention for long time. The population pressure upstream along with other contributing factors has given them an unpleasant look.

But, it was recently that pertinent bodies have taken practical steps to see healthy rivers in Addis which could play a fundamental role in improving human lives both emotionally and economically.

Addis Ababa River and Riversides Development Project Office is the government institution tasked with rehabilitating and developing the rivers of the city.

The office has a five year project with a budget as big as one billion birr aimed at rehabilitating the city's rivers, Project Office Director Walelign Desalegn told The Ethiopian Herald.

The effective completion of the project can have a significant impact on the lives of the city's residents and beyond. On top of this, it creates additional recreational value and increases tourists' stay in the city.

Among the rivers Kebena, Kechenie and Kurtimie are larger rivers in terms of water catchment. The project envisions to free 4,000 hectares of land from any water related contaminations on these riversides. The move would also increase the green value of the city.

Over 300 city youth organizations have been engaged in cleansing the project sites. This youth organizations are joined by additional 600 youths recently.

The office also takes the initiative to give recognition to environmental friendly industrial factories owners in the city with a view to reduce possible pollutants. This effort is in line with the country's plan of building green economy.

The economic benefits of the project could be seen from the perspectives of horticultural development in the city. As to him, over 10,000 residents of the city and its environs have engaged themselves in urban agriculture and supply fruits and vegetables in the city's market.

Most of the beautiful and attractive cities worldwide are the gift of water bodies like; lakes, rivers and artificial ponds. The development of city's rivers would be helpful to entertain oneself without the need to travel long ways to Langano, Hawassa, Bahir Dar or other recreation destinations far from the city. The development of the rivers in this manner will give power to the city to attract more tourists' inflow.


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