Climate Mainstreaming Pilot for Rwanda's Coffee and Tea Sectors

Project Summary: 

This project pilots the mainstreaming of climate change into the agriculture sector development investment plan of MINAGRI. It focuses on the tea and coffee programme, as key export crops which are highly climate sensitive. It will develop an action plan, and deliver capacity building and low regret adaptation and mitigation, for both current and longer-term. The project will also pilot FONERWA’s shift towards more strategic delivery and has a learning and dissemination component.

Key Project Outputs: 

Output 1: Environment and climate change issues are mainstreamed into MINAGRI development plan.
Output 2: Climate information and knowledge on climate change impacts improved
Output 3: Coffee and tea low regret and sustainable adaptation options implemented
Output 4: Sustainable wood fuel is used for low carbon tea production

Partner Institution/s: 

NAEB (National Agricultural Export Development Board)
RAB (Rwanda Agriculture Board)
Sustainable Harvest
Wood Foundation
Paul Watkiss Associates