Integrated Land, Water Resources and Clean Energy Management

Project Summary: 

The Integrated Land and water Management Project aiming sustainable management and conservation of Natural Resources, more productive agriculture, contribution to reduction of human pressure on Volcanoes National Park (VNP) and reduction of green gases emission through protecting watershed at 1400ha, 50km of ravines/rivers, create 1000ha buffer zone of VNP, 2 green model villages, 1000 improved stoves and 50 biogas, control water hyacinth at 60ha and 1680 jobs created.

FONERWA window/s: 
Conservation & management of natural resources strengthened and sustained
Key Project Outputs: 

Output 1: Soil erosion measures strengthened and sustained in Shingiro, Kimonyi and Rwaza sectors

Output 2: Alternative renewable sources of energy enhanced through biogas and improved cooking stoves and water harvesting system established in Kimonyi and Rwaza sectors

Output 3: Livelihood in Shingiro, Kimonyi and Rwaza sector strengthened through community development programmes

Output 4: Project grant efficiently managed and coordinated

Partner Institution/s: 

MINIRENA, IMBARAGA and Different Cooperatives and companies.