Mwogo Watershed Protection Project

Project Summary: 

This project will introduce watershed management measures aimed at increasing the resilience of Mwogo watershed located in Nyamagabe District in order to prevent soil erosion and land- slides which silt Mwogo
river as one of Nyabarongo river tributaries composing the Nile basin in East Africa; and also reduce flooding which damages the properties of local population located in Mwogo wetland. As a result, the agriculture production will be increased; while the river buffer zone rehabilitation will provide improved livelihoods diversification alternatives and the aesthetic value will be a plus to attract tourists

Key Project Outputs: 

output 1: Soil Erosion and flood control in Mwogo river watershed improved
output 2: Community e livelihood improved as a result of the project
output 3: Project grant efficiently and effectively managed and coordinated

Partner Institution/s: 

Civil society: AMIZERO (NGO) and APEFA