Nyandungu Urban Wetland Eco-Tourism Park

Project Summary: 

Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has started the process of designing Nyandungu wetland into an urban wetland recreation and eco-tourism park. The project will not only provide social and economic benefits to the communities but also support innovative approaches to restore and conserve wetland ecosystems on 130 Ha, promote the sustainable management of natural resources and support livelihood diversification to enhance incomes for local communities. This responds to the Green Economy in the EDPRS II.

Key Project Outputs: 

Output 1: Biodiversity conservation through introduction of native tree species and terestrial habitat restoration..
Output 2: Biodiversity conservation through aquatic habitat creation and restoration
Output 3: Project lessons disseminated.
Output 4: Employment created as a result of the project.

Partner Institution/s: 

District Authorities-Gasabo District (Ndera Sector) and Kicukiro District (Nyarugunga
Sector), City of Kigali and RDB.