Responsible Mining for Sustainable Mining Production

Project Summary: 

This project intends to develop a model mine based on sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and modern technologies. This will start with ore recovery, to mineral recovery, energy and water use efficiency and thereafter rehabilitation of mined out areas. The project will rehabilitate existing mining site and develop the best practices which will transform this site into a modern and environmental friendly mining site, to demonstrate the extent to which natural resource management and effective mining technologies point the way for Rwanda to achieve its national development strategies in mining sector.

FONERWA window/s: 
Conservation and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources/Sustainable Mining and Quarrying
Key Project Outputs: 

1. Modern machines purchased and installed, that optimize resources extraction of mineral and prevent environmental pollution.
2. Water pollution prevented and water resources used efficiently in the mining operations.
3. Plant connected to the grid and utilizing solar energy for lighting.
4. Mined-out area rehabilitated and converted into other economical land use.

Partner Institution/s: 

Rwanda Mining Association (RMA)