Sustainable biodiversity: mapping and domesticating the mycological riches of Rwanda's forests

Project Summary: 

In collaboration with experts from the Botanic Garden Meise (Belgium), this Green Fund investement will for the first time in Rwanda create an inventory of edible mushroom populations in Rwanda's forest ecosystems to identify species that are suitable for export and have the potential for cultivation and marketing by Kigali Farms.

Recent studies in neighbouring countries identified vast mycological potential. Mushrooms can be sustainably harvested or domesticated, helping local populations gain income from natural ecosystems and raising awareness on the value of biodiversity.



Rwanda Green Fund Investment - Sustainable Biodiversity with Kigali Farms

Key Project Outputs: 

Output 1: Scientific publications of results of the expedictions and/or cultivation attempts
Output 2: In-lab tissue replication of promising specimens
Output 3: Project Management

Partner Institution/s: 

Botanic Garden Meise (Belgium)
Tourism and Conservation Department, Rwanda Development Board