Virtual Grid Rwanda

Project Summary: 

WakaWaka aims to launch a new prepaid (PAYG) technology using a modified WakaWaka power and the existing mobile phone network to create a ‘Virtual Grid’ (VG) to provide sustainable and affordable light and
power to off-grid households. Payments using scratch cards or mobile money will be verified by SMS and the Virtual Grid server in the Netherlands. The pilot will test the technology, marketing and distribution aspects of the model and the target-market acceptance rate.

Key Project Outputs: 

Output 1: Development and production of the necessary hardware and software for the renewable energy product and both the SMS-server and Virtual grid server for the pay-as you-go-infrastructure.
Output 2: Improve awareness of, and access to,renewable energy products through marketing and sales activities and a trained distribution network.
Output 3: The distribution of renewable energy products
Output 4: The project is sustainably, cost effectively and transparently managed.

Partner Institution/s: 

Karisimbi Business Partners
Legacy XP