Zero Carbon Affordable Housing for Rwanda

Project Summary: 

This project developed flexible single and multi-storey housing solutions to supply low-carbon that can be pre-fabricated, mass-produced and constructed for a target cost of 250 USD per sqm. The housing solutions demonstrated the optimum use of locally manufactured building material to satisfy the low carbon demands of the National Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy, as well as the high-density requirements of the Kigali Master Plan. The innovative housing solutions have been showcased by way of demonstration buildings in Kigali.

Zero Carbon Affordable Housing for Rwanda - Green Fund Investment

FONERWA window/s: 
Research & Development and Technology Transfer and Implementation
Key Project Outputs: 

1. Strength and stability of alternative structural elements rigorously tested
2. Low carbon dwelling units designed to satisfy high-density requirements
3. Specialist prefabrication system developed and implementation plan for a pre-fabrication plant completed
4. Pilot-scale multi-storey building with 6 dwelling units constructed using sustainable technology.

Partner Institution/s: 

Strawtec Rwanda and Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction and City Development (EiABC)

Project Team: 

Project Management Team
Eckardt Dauck (Chairman/Director of Lead Organisation)

Claus Fischer (Managing Director of Lead Organisation)

Amanda Humphries (Finance Director of Lead Organisation) -

Core Technical Staff
Nathan Gauthier (Sustainability Expert)

Prof. Dr. Ing. Dirk Donath

Kai Becker (Master Carpenter) -